Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Amalia grows up and is now preschooler Amalia

Amalia had a great day at preschool today. As it was very sunny at pick up time, we went to the playground, where she sought out a couple of other kids and played very well, at one point putting her arm around the shoulders of a little girl and asking her if she would like to go to the baby-swings. She has blossomed a great deal socially in the last couple of months, and it is heart-warming to see it. She will now approach another kid her age in the library or playground on her own initiative and introduce herself. I am proud, and she is happy.
A couple of days ago, unprompted she told me: "When I am angry I don't love you too much, but when I am happy like this I love you." It made me smile, and I am happy that not only is she articulate now, but is aware of her feelings and how powerful they can be.

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  1. Hey Cal

    Great post and thoughtfulness conveyed. We have three kids and it goes fast. I ached a little reading about amelia--my youngest is now 8. Enjoy it--although it sounds like you are squeezing the most enjoyment from every stage with her.

    Have a good day. Look forward to reading more.