Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

As seen in Shona Cole's blog, I though the idea of a Cinquain constructed to summarize the year that is about to end was an excellent idea and an exercise in minimalistic reduction of thoughts and feelings. A challenging thing it was to pin-point the major theme of the year and to capture it in a few chosen words which should embody one's complex feelings.

As copied from her blog:
"a Cinquain is constructed in the following way:
· The first line is one word (a noun/the topic)
· The second line is two descriptive words (2 adjectives that describe the first word)
· The third line is three action words (3 -ly adverbs or –ing verbs)
· The fourth line contains four words that express a feeling or make a statement (a 4 word phrase)
· The last line is one word (a synonym or adjective that refers to the first word)"

So here is mine:

Planned thought-through
Packing traveling readjusting
Pros and Cons abound

May 2010 bring you goodness, greatness and love.

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