Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl Power

For the last couple of months Amalia has taken to Pixar movies. Before then, she would watch short shows, like Backyardigans or Peep, but not full movies. Well, now she is rather obssessed with "Cars" and "Wall-E" in particular. So, yesterday I showed her the trailer for "Monsters, Inc" to see if she was ready for it. I thought the issue of monsters was still a bit too much for her, even in a funny context where the monsters are likable and not scary at all for the most part. Well, I was right; after watching the trailer a couple of times she told me "I almost like it, I'll like it after I'm a boy". So either she thinks that growing up encompasses such changes as sex reversal, like in some fish, or, most likely, she already thinks at this age that somehow boys are tougher than girls, and like scary things.
Actually I know for sure she does think boys enjoy scarier things, and it is very interesting to see her come up with gender-specific generalizations. Even though I believe she has not been exposed to many stereotypical roles and situations, from an early age boys and girls are not only aware that they are different but behave differently. However, I was still surprised to see this happening, for example at day-care, where the boys although in a minority in her class, were the most rambunctious of the lot. Even when boys were able to wear tu-tus and dress up like princesses or have their nails painted if they wished, they still behaved in a manner that sometimes made me think "Gee...Boys!".
Amalia also often makes a distinction between Daddy's preferences and ours (the girls). She will point out to a spider in a book and say "I don't like spiders mama, and you don't like spiders, but Papa likes spiders!", even though this is not, in reality, accurate.
So for now, we will leave the monsters for Daddy's obvious enjoyment.

Now that Amalia has grown up (all is relative), we have started to be able to enjoy games as a family, and she is surprisingly good at playing Jenga! The little fingers must help somehow...

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  1. Your post made me smile! I still remember my kids first movies, both rentals and in the theatre...and the Jenga--you're right, it's those little fingers. I love how through your writing I can feel the enjoyment you get out of being Amalia's parent. Great job!