Thursday, December 17, 2009

More than skin deep

One thing I learned this Summer, was to carry a small boo-boo kit on my backpack wherever we went. Bare knees and running down-hill are an exhilarating and dangerous mix; Several times Amalia stumbled or otherwise slipped and landed on her hands and knees. It was even painful for me, and all I did was watch it happen. The first time, was also one of the worst, as she was running on the sidewalk, and the skinned knees bled profusely (profusely at least in my lay view... ), blood slowly dripping toward her ankles, as tears likewise streamed down her cheeks. It also coincided with the first dinner out as a family after the move cross-country. We had at last settled in the apartment and we were walking down the street, only a few blocks to a burger place. So, after improvising with tissue and small band aids holding it place, I learned my lesson, and kitted-up our own Summer survival pouch, with small and large band-aids, neosporin and some antiseptic wipes. (I found that to put tissue on a wound is a very bad idea... it sticks and it is not pleasant to remove it later!)

That kit got used in several occasions through the Summer and early Fall, and then slowly, as pants started to be worn more often, and maybe Amalia started to run in a more coordinated manner, it got used less and less often and is has now sat unused in my backpack for a while. Kids don't enjoy getting hurt, due to the physical pain, of course, but also due to the dent to the ego a fall brings about, and the general surprise of it all. I found that a slick of antibiotic ointment resolved more than pain, it soothed all those emotions a three-year old goes through after accidentally getting hurt. The rite of sitting her down and taking care of her boo-boos was reassuring to her, and made me feel extremely competent at parenting, doing my job of making my kid feel new again in an instant.

These days Amalia takes it personally when she falls or runs into something in the playground, and puts up a brave face even when it hurt her. The other day she walked onto a metal pipe in the playground, and bumped her head. I could see she was not only startled but also in pain, as she automatically said "I'm OK" in a loud voice and kept her lips pursed, repeating it over and over until she burst into tears. I tried to reassure her, telling her it is OK to have an accident, but could see she was feeling humiliated by the event; I have a proud little girl, sometimes her behavior surprises me.

I finally managed to download all the photos that were stored in my cell-phone, and seeing some of these made me recollect these events. Here are a selection of the pictures.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. And I love how your write about her. You make me sad for the days when my kids were Amalia's age...enjoy it, as I know you will. It goes by so, so fast...

  2. I am so impressed those are cell phone photos! excellent, of course you do have a lovely subject and that helps :)

    have a lovely new year and thanks for stopping by my blog


  3. o your daughter is adorable! it is such a good idea to carry a first aid kit...i can't tell you how many times we met friends at a faraway park and nobody had a first aid kit..they have that neat little neosporin now with a hook on it...