Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday we took Amalia to a live Disney show. She is not a great classic Disney connoisseur but she was looking forward to see Buzz Lightyear in the intergalactic flesh. She had a good time, although at instances she was overwhelmed by the magnitude of things, and every time theatrical smoke was used on stage she would tense up, and once or twice, worriedly told me there was a fire. I guess my ongoing attempts to educate her on the importance of fire, smoke and seeking help have been too memorable for her.

I realize that it is not the show itself that mattered but the memories that we are slowly building together, the anticipation, the trip to the show, the mass of kids all excited about something, the participation in the event.

On the other hand, the marketing and pushing of overpriced trinkets was overwhelming for me, and many other parents around it seemed. Everywhere one turned there were helpful people selling all kinds of kid-entrancing goodies, and I had a hard time trying to sustain my stance of not giving in to all that crap. But kids are not anything if not persuasive in their tactics, it takes a determination of steel to withstand the pleading.

But it was worth it I think, and she now has the Mickey ears, a memento of the event for all of us.


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  2. Great post. We did Disney in Florida last year--my wife and her family, and our three kids. I am hardly a fan of neon lights and commercialism, but it was an awesome trip, if for no other reason to see my kids enjoy all the entertainment. You captured the happiness in your daughter's pic! Well done.