Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring is peeking

Despite groundhog predictions, Spring peeked from all around earlier this week, with cherry blossom and purple irises appearing. We had a few good sunny days, when almost the rest of the country, appeared to be blanketed by snow. This is, of course a shock for us, since where we lived before had snow in the ground consistently until April, and the poor bulbs had no change to sprout out the ground until May, at the earliest. Amalia lived in snow boots for several months, and last year she actually wore a hole through them.
I have been snapping photos of Amalia with my cell-phone, and foregoing my bulky camera, just because the cell camera is surprisingly good. Also, Amalia is sporting a brand new Spring inspired haircut, to celebrate the early signs that there is life after Winter.

Today, as it was raining, (alas, two days of sunshine seems to have been the quota for this week) we played indoors and tried the lovely new crayons that arrived in the mail, courtesy of Clementine Art and the blog of Sugar Pop Ribbons.

Happy Valentine weekend.


  1. I just love this picture! So cute!

  2. Where???? where is spring peeking?????????
    not here:(