Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amalia's quote of the day

Amalia peering into a glass-bottom mug: "This is my microscope; When I was a girl I had a microscope and I saw a pig eating a kangaroo... Pigs like to eat kangaroos."

Apparently she has both a girl and a boy alter-ego, who are very brave and not afraid of anything, even bugs. These alter-egos appeared recently after she suddenly decided she is deathly afraid of all things creepy-crawly. Night awakenings resumed, after months of peaceful sleep. Finally she is settling down again, gradually less panicky about bugs, but it was a rough ride for all living in our home.


  1. Hi Cal

    Glad to hear that Amalia is settling down. Our youngest, Grace, had an imaginary friend--Donnell--who died on the Titanic, died falling off an African cliff, died in a motor vehicle accident...you get the idea. Now, we all miss Donnell. But I'll take Donnell and her thousand tragic deaths over creepy-crawly stuff anyday.

    Good post...

  2. Hi! You participated in my give-away over at tinkelstin-design. Unfortunately the evil Mr. Number Generator did choose another comment but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment!

    You are right, commenting is a habit one should get into - it is very rewarding!

    The "beeing deadly afraid of bugs thing" does sound familiar, we are going through the same phase right now. Which is just great, since we live on a horse-farm (a.k.a. bug-heaven)... *sigh* Repeat after me: it is just a phase.... it is just a phase.... ;)

    Greetings from Germany,