Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A look at the bright side

A few weeks ago Amalia dropped my cell phone onto rocks on the shore of Puget Sound. I could tell before I looked at it, from the sound it made, that it did not escape the fall unscathed. I was right, the screen cracked, but the phone itself functions perfectly, as does the camera. I like the camera on my phone a lot, as it takes very decent pictures, and since it is always in my pocket, it comes in handy when I wish to snap a memento but don't have my bulky camera with me.
Although the camera still works, I cannot see what I want to photograph... but even so, I decided to look for a saving grace, and I have been blindly snapping away. The results are fun, and surprisingly coherent.
A few recent pictures, from the broken, blind phone camera, completely unedited:


  1. I love the Chihuli glass, it's so festive and organic. It makes me happy just to look at it. You should keep the phone around just for the fun camera shots, the pictures look great.

  2. those are fun photos! I have had many a precious thing broken by my babes, I guess it comes with the territory.