Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amalia's first trip to a movie theater

Today was a special event day: Amalia had her first taste of a movie theater. Since yesterday, when I announced we would be taking the bus to a new adventure she had been quite excited. It was difficult for her to imagine what a movie theater is, since she is used to small screens at home (really small... a portable DVD player or the laptop screen). I explained to her that it was a big, big screen, and many people sat together to watch a movie. I took her to a small charming movie house nearby, which I kept referring to as a cinema, until I remembered a movie theater was more in tune with the local dialect ;)
The place was indeed quaint, with velvet sofas and chairs in the lobby, and an old-fashioned movie projector on display. We arrived over one hour before the movie was due to start, and even though there was a library and a playground a stone-throw's away, she would not budge from the steps on the entrance. After sitting for a long while by the front door, we decided to enter n and wait inside. We had the place to ourselves, and Amalia got her picture taken in every ornate sofa, settee and armchair in the place, including on a chaise-lounge. When the movie started we were finally joined by a total of three more people, and had a pleasant movie watching time. She enjoyed it, but asked me questions throughout the showing, which makes me glad we were almost alone in there. Also she sat on my lap the whole time, slightly overwhelmed by the experience. A first for the books.

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  1. Yeah, CAL! What a sweet tribute to a fantastic memory with your daughter. well done. You write so beautifully and letting your daughter, in all her excitement, sit at the top of the stairs for an hour with you by her side--just a great picture of you two pops in my mine.

    Hope you are well.