Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How my daughter makes me smile

Amalia has been interested in bones for a long time, ever since she asked me what were those stringy things behind her knee. We then looked at a couple of anatomy pictures, a purple plastic Halloween skeleton, talked briefly about tendons and ligaments (way over her head obviously), but she really took a liking to bones and in finding out what has bones (people, dogs), what does not have bones (leafs, plants, inanimate objects).
A while back I kind of explained to her that bugs, although crunchy do not really have bones but have something called an exoskeleton. It took her a while to remember the term, but since we talk about bugs on a very regular basis around here, a few days ago she proudly announced that bees do not have bones, but they have excellent-skeletons!


  1. oh my! thats so cool...
    i should check at home to see if i still have a pair of "bones" babylegs! i bet she'd love them:)

  2. LOL...the things that kids focus on! Maybe a future radiologist in the making???

    Hope all is well.

  3. Excellent-skeleton, I love it!