Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is coming soon

This weekend was superb for all things outdoors, with sunshine and moderate heat, so we milked it! Lake, tennis, playground, one of the lowest tides on the beach, picnics, walks and grilled dinners! Amalia asked "Is it still Spring?" I think she senses the changes in the air.

 Amalia airborne!

We found many interesting things at low tide, including large moon snails, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, crabs and a lot a different seaweeds. But most impressive for me was this nest of herring eggs attached to a piece of floating seaweed, although I have to admit my first thought was about sushi.


  1. a spot of tennis sounds lovely! love those pink trainers :)

  2. Great pics...and the fact that you knew those were herring eggs on the seawood raises my impressiveness to new levels! LOL Glad you can smell summer heading around the corner!