Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And now you are four...

I have not posted for a long time, but little things have accumulated that merit a post. Tomorrow Amalia turns four, and it is delightful to realize how much she has grown in the last year; physically, of course, but emotionally and in all other facets of her life. This year was an eventful one, as was the one before, and the one before, and even the one before that! I am now realizing that all the years of her life were indeed eventful, by moving, language adaptations, and illness (which, fortunately, we overcame). One gets used to change, habituates to the new state of affairs, whatever that may be. After a slight reposition or major change, the routine is established, and one forgets that a lot has cumulatively happened.
This past year we moved from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast of the USA. The move, as I have before mentioned, brought change in routines. Amalia was in daycare full-time before the move and she is now in preschool only a few hours each day. She resented the move, undid progress in some areas, became pickier and monochromatic. She cried and asked me to go back. But, shortly after, she recovered, put a whooping amount of weight on, grew taller, became happy again. She has matured, has now her own bedroom, her own grown-up bed, is articulate and amazes me. She can still run faster than any other kid, and has again started to draw with more than one color. She loves her toy cars, and her many balls of all sizes.
We live on the fourth floor; Amalia, as any other kid her age, loves to push buttons, any button that needs pushing, but in the Summer she could not reach the 4 on the elevator. I told her she needed to be four herself before she could reach the 4 and kept my fingers crossed it would work out, but noticing that a big gap remained between her outstretched fingers and the elusive button. A few weeks ago, she stood on her toes and pushed that 4 button. I recalled the doubts I had had that Summer, and marveled at her growing body. I love you Bebe.
I wanted to keep a tally of my sewing projects so here are the latest pieces of work.
I made a blouse for Amalia, similar to the one I gave away in the One World One Heart event, her choice of fabric (really). I also made a dress which we may use either for her birthday party this week or perhaps for Easter, after I adjust the too loose neckline. And finally I whipped up a pair of shorts, which she may be able to wear this Summer, they are a little big. In the photo below she is wearing the blouse and the shorts together, although they surely do not go together.

Finally, a big shout out to Chile (Fuerza!), where we have many friends and family.