Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And now you are six... and one half.

When Amalia turned six, I left a card for her on the morning of her birthday, with A.A.Milne's short poem "Now we are six". I had been looking forward to her sixth birthday so I could give it to her. It is simple, but it made her feel she had reached a new, more important, more aware stage.

Recently I introduced the concept of half birthdays. Mainly just to have another reason to bake a small cake and celebrate something, something positive; To create traditions and memories. To cement and anchor her... hopefully.

We will, later this week, celebrate the equinox and welcome Spring.

This week we had independence day celebrations here in Chile, probably the biggest holiday of the year. She has a whole week off school!

My girl is growing and everyday I try my best to nurture and guide her, and always show her my love and support by listening.

We narrowly missed the acquisition of Monster High dolls recently; She was shown the movie Spiderman 2 at a recent playdate, to my dismay. All I think to do is to give her as much as I can by encouraging the roller skating, the kite flying, the mud pie making,  and all other activities I prefer she engages in.

My girl.

How we spent independence day below.


  1. Wow, that movie has a 12 rating! That's way out of line of those parents to allow that to happen, it's happened to me but when my boy was older. These situations are difficult ones. Don't worry about your little one forgoing mud pies! All they want at that age is positive attention and making make believe with Mummy beats watching movies any day. It's when they get to my sons age of nearly 13 that Mum isn't really needed anything like before, where friends are suddenly way more important that hanging out with me! But this too is normal and a healthy step in the direction of independence, it's to be encouraged but also to let them know that you're always here for them. And lets be honest that's what we should all want for our kids, to be healthy independent individuals who can make decisions and choices based on the parents beliefs on what's wrong & right. That's my plan anyway!

  2. I haven't ever celebrated a half birthday ... but any occasion for cake gets a thumbs up from me! Cute photos. ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Head of Cabbage

  3. Awww, so sweet. The half birthdays are a great idea.

  4. Oo great half birthday . first time your blog . am following u . glad if u will follow me back.

  5. They grow so fast, my baby is 44 today