Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Special day

Amalia prepared to leave with us in the morning for a special day. We were in our way to the clinic to have an ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby inside my belly. He will be joining us early January, according to the predictions. We are all very excited about these news. Amalia was in denial for a few days, but has now come around to the idea of a baby brother rather than the sister she was sure to get.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is coming soon

This weekend was superb for all things outdoors, with sunshine and moderate heat, so we milked it! Lake, tennis, playground, one of the lowest tides on the beach, picnics, walks and grilled dinners! Amalia asked "Is it still Spring?" I think she senses the changes in the air.

 Amalia airborne!

We found many interesting things at low tide, including large moon snails, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, crabs and a lot a different seaweeds. But most impressive for me was this nest of herring eggs attached to a piece of floating seaweed, although I have to admit my first thought was about sushi.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer is in the air

Yesterday we had one of the first full blown Summer days, and we celebrated by enjoying the lake nearby. In a silly move I applied sunscreen all over myself and Amalia before we left home, but missed a spot on my back which got painfully sunburned... I now have a red stripe on the back of my neck.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun at the lake

Most days, unless rain is pouring down, we tend to hang around the lake for lunch. Some days we picnic on the grass, others we sit by the water edge. If it is hot enough we will soak our feet... Fun at the lake!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Amalia's quote of the day

We were parked in the parking lot of the local supermarket, and Amalia asks me to open the sunroof on the car. It is a nice day; I open it, she climbs out of her carseat and stands between the two front seats, pops her head out and says "WOW!".
"What do you see?" I ask her; "Everything in the world" she replies....
That one made me chuckle.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amalia's first trip to a movie theater

Today was a special event day: Amalia had her first taste of a movie theater. Since yesterday, when I announced we would be taking the bus to a new adventure she had been quite excited. It was difficult for her to imagine what a movie theater is, since she is used to small screens at home (really small... a portable DVD player or the laptop screen). I explained to her that it was a big, big screen, and many people sat together to watch a movie. I took her to a small charming movie house nearby, which I kept referring to as a cinema, until I remembered a movie theater was more in tune with the local dialect ;)
The place was indeed quaint, with velvet sofas and chairs in the lobby, and an old-fashioned movie projector on display. We arrived over one hour before the movie was due to start, and even though there was a library and a playground a stone-throw's away, she would not budge from the steps on the entrance. After sitting for a long while by the front door, we decided to enter n and wait inside. We had the place to ourselves, and Amalia got her picture taken in every ornate sofa, settee and armchair in the place, including on a chaise-lounge. When the movie started we were finally joined by a total of three more people, and had a pleasant movie watching time. She enjoyed it, but asked me questions throughout the showing, which makes me glad we were almost alone in there. Also she sat on my lap the whole time, slightly overwhelmed by the experience. A first for the books.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How my daughter makes me smile

Amalia has been interested in bones for a long time, ever since she asked me what were those stringy things behind her knee. We then looked at a couple of anatomy pictures, a purple plastic Halloween skeleton, talked briefly about tendons and ligaments (way over her head obviously), but she really took a liking to bones and in finding out what has bones (people, dogs), what does not have bones (leafs, plants, inanimate objects).
A while back I kind of explained to her that bugs, although crunchy do not really have bones but have something called an exoskeleton. It took her a while to remember the term, but since we talk about bugs on a very regular basis around here, a few days ago she proudly announced that bees do not have bones, but they have excellent-skeletons!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amalia's quote of the day

Amalia peering into a glass-bottom mug: "This is my microscope; When I was a girl I had a microscope and I saw a pig eating a kangaroo... Pigs like to eat kangaroos."

Apparently she has both a girl and a boy alter-ego, who are very brave and not afraid of anything, even bugs. These alter-egos appeared recently after she suddenly decided she is deathly afraid of all things creepy-crawly. Night awakenings resumed, after months of peaceful sleep. Finally she is settling down again, gradually less panicky about bugs, but it was a rough ride for all living in our home.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enjoying the trees

I have been sparse with my words lately, but here are some pictures we took a few days ago, after the clouds parted late in the afternoon after a day of rain, making the end of the day light beautiful and strange.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A look at the bright side

A few weeks ago Amalia dropped my cell phone onto rocks on the shore of Puget Sound. I could tell before I looked at it, from the sound it made, that it did not escape the fall unscathed. I was right, the screen cracked, but the phone itself functions perfectly, as does the camera. I like the camera on my phone a lot, as it takes very decent pictures, and since it is always in my pocket, it comes in handy when I wish to snap a memento but don't have my bulky camera with me.
Although the camera still works, I cannot see what I want to photograph... but even so, I decided to look for a saving grace, and I have been blindly snapping away. The results are fun, and surprisingly coherent.
A few recent pictures, from the broken, blind phone camera, completely unedited:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And now you are four...

I have not posted for a long time, but little things have accumulated that merit a post. Tomorrow Amalia turns four, and it is delightful to realize how much she has grown in the last year; physically, of course, but emotionally and in all other facets of her life. This year was an eventful one, as was the one before, and the one before, and even the one before that! I am now realizing that all the years of her life were indeed eventful, by moving, language adaptations, and illness (which, fortunately, we overcame). One gets used to change, habituates to the new state of affairs, whatever that may be. After a slight reposition or major change, the routine is established, and one forgets that a lot has cumulatively happened.
This past year we moved from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast of the USA. The move, as I have before mentioned, brought change in routines. Amalia was in daycare full-time before the move and she is now in preschool only a few hours each day. She resented the move, undid progress in some areas, became pickier and monochromatic. She cried and asked me to go back. But, shortly after, she recovered, put a whooping amount of weight on, grew taller, became happy again. She has matured, has now her own bedroom, her own grown-up bed, is articulate and amazes me. She can still run faster than any other kid, and has again started to draw with more than one color. She loves her toy cars, and her many balls of all sizes.
We live on the fourth floor; Amalia, as any other kid her age, loves to push buttons, any button that needs pushing, but in the Summer she could not reach the 4 on the elevator. I told her she needed to be four herself before she could reach the 4 and kept my fingers crossed it would work out, but noticing that a big gap remained between her outstretched fingers and the elusive button. A few weeks ago, she stood on her toes and pushed that 4 button. I recalled the doubts I had had that Summer, and marveled at her growing body. I love you Bebe.
I wanted to keep a tally of my sewing projects so here are the latest pieces of work.
I made a blouse for Amalia, similar to the one I gave away in the One World One Heart event, her choice of fabric (really). I also made a dress which we may use either for her birthday party this week or perhaps for Easter, after I adjust the too loose neckline. And finally I whipped up a pair of shorts, which she may be able to wear this Summer, they are a little big. In the photo below she is wearing the blouse and the shorts together, although they surely do not go together.

Finally, a big shout out to Chile (Fuerza!), where we have many friends and family.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Winner

And the winner is... Comment #30

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Nice to meet you! My niece would look adorable in that shirt :) Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway!
January 30, 2010 8:37 PM

I will e-mail you right now!

Thank you everybody for visiting, I had fun visiting you too!

Dewy morning

A foggy morning gave way to a saturated landscape in the playground today; there were droplets everywhere.
Amalia, as always, enjoyed being outdoors, even though it was chilly and mostly deserted.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring is peeking

Despite groundhog predictions, Spring peeked from all around earlier this week, with cherry blossom and purple irises appearing. We had a few good sunny days, when almost the rest of the country, appeared to be blanketed by snow. This is, of course a shock for us, since where we lived before had snow in the ground consistently until April, and the poor bulbs had no change to sprout out the ground until May, at the earliest. Amalia lived in snow boots for several months, and last year she actually wore a hole through them.
I have been snapping photos of Amalia with my cell-phone, and foregoing my bulky camera, just because the cell camera is surprisingly good. Also, Amalia is sporting a brand new Spring inspired haircut, to celebrate the early signs that there is life after Winter.

Today, as it was raining, (alas, two days of sunshine seems to have been the quota for this week) we played indoors and tried the lovely new crayons that arrived in the mail, courtesy of Clementine Art and the blog of Sugar Pop Ribbons.

Happy Valentine weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Artistic Mother

I have been enjoying this new blogging thing, and since I decided to participate in the One World One Heart event, I have come across a bounty of interesting blogs. I have also found out that people are very sweet and generous and like to share their work with others, and as such I have stumbled across great giveaways, of handmade things, that are precious and unique.
A blog that I started following early one was that of Shona Cole, An Artful Life, where she shares both her artistic skills and her role as a mother. She writes in a very inspirational way about both these aspects, which in fact appear to merge in her work. She has just become a bona fide published author with the release of her first book The Artistic Mother.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday we took Amalia to a live Disney show. She is not a great classic Disney connoisseur but she was looking forward to see Buzz Lightyear in the intergalactic flesh. She had a good time, although at instances she was overwhelmed by the magnitude of things, and every time theatrical smoke was used on stage she would tense up, and once or twice, worriedly told me there was a fire. I guess my ongoing attempts to educate her on the importance of fire, smoke and seeking help have been too memorable for her.

I realize that it is not the show itself that mattered but the memories that we are slowly building together, the anticipation, the trip to the show, the mass of kids all excited about something, the participation in the event.

On the other hand, the marketing and pushing of overpriced trinkets was overwhelming for me, and many other parents around it seemed. Everywhere one turned there were helpful people selling all kinds of kid-entrancing goodies, and I had a hard time trying to sustain my stance of not giving in to all that crap. But kids are not anything if not persuasive in their tactics, it takes a determination of steel to withstand the pleading.

But it was worth it I think, and she now has the Mickey ears, a memento of the event for all of us.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One World One Heart

Now the main reason I am introducing myself this late is that I have decided to participate in the one world, one heart event:


In brief, it is an open house of blogs, with the main purpose of introducing people to blogs they were not aware of before, and generally expand your blog horizons.
My part in this event will be to give away the following item, something I wanted to do for a while, since even though I have never gave away goodies before, I have participated in similar events and won a nice few fabric bags in the past. So here is my contribution!
I made a blouse for my daughter a few days ago, in expectation of a great Spring ahead. The way I like to sew involves as few measurements are possible, so I often end up making things that are actually too small. This was the case with this blouse; even though I followed a size 4 pattern, I think it will fit a three year old better, and it is a bit too tight on my daughter who will be four in just over one month. So if you have or know a little girl who likes pink blouses, I will happily send this your way. If you would like to win this blouse please leave me a comment with a way for me to reach you, either by leaving your e-mail address on your comment or have it visible on your blog so I can contact you. The draw will take place on February 15th and I will use a random number generator.

I have never introduced myself before because this blog started on its own, without a clear direction. I first got myself a profile so I could have an identity in order to leave decent looking comments on other people's real blogs. I then, took advantage and started writing down some impressions on my daughter's development, as a way of keeping a tab on her growing. Now, of course I am aware that this is a public forum and as such people are able to read it and are in fact very welcome to; no doubt you probably have the same worries, issues and hopes for your children as I have with mine . You just may or may not find it all that interesting to read my ramblings. Besides being a mother, I enjoy crafting, particularly sewing, so that is one aspect that may come through in some of the posts. Six months ago we moved from the North Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast, I left my job (for now at least...) and find myself in a new role; I am not sure how long this role will last... Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday was a rough day for both Amalia and I. We both had had a bad night of sleep, an inexplicable set back in Amalia’s sleep patterns. She had made a fuss going to sleep and woke up several times to call me to her bed and to ask me to stay with her.

Five months ago, after we moved cross-country, Amalia’s routine was thrown and she resented this. I had underestimated the impact the move would have on her. After all I though that when you are three years old, as long as you are with your parents you should be happy enough. But I was wrong. Overnight she went from going to daycare full time to being at home with me. She was bored, she asked for her friends. One month into our stay I excitedly told her we were going to visit the Space Needle, something she had been obsessing about since the move. She loves the Space Needle, even before we had moved she talked about it. Sensing my excitement at the prospect of the trip she got very excited herself and told me maybe Kara would be downtown too! Kara was one of her little friends from daycare, and it broke my heart to hear the hope in her voice of meeting her friend again.

Things improved gradually, we had set backs, she stopped eating her staple favourite foods (salmon and spinach soup), and became pickier and pickier in her food choices (plain noodles, plain rice, cheese). Things improved a lot when she started preschool, she came out of her grief and got a new set of friends, and is now so social it amazes me. This brings me back to the issue at hand, which is sleeping habits. Shortly after we settled we bought her first grown-up bed in her first grown-up bedroom. Until then she had slept mainly with us or near us, in a variety of arrangements to suit us all. She took the responsibility of being now a grown-up girl seriously and the thrill of growing up trumped the fears of sleeping alone. So, for months until recently she had gone to bed very peacefully after reading a couple of books and being tucked in. She would fall asleep by herself, and wake up the next morning happy and well rested.

So this latest set back surprised me. For about one week she had tantrums and would wake up during the night. I know that the Christmas/New Year hoopla did contribute to this, and allowing her to stay up to greet the New Year and see the fireworks was not a good idea long term (very animatedly she told me the fireplaces were lovely). So yesterday was the culmination of two sleep deprived people butting heads and running out of patience; she was short-fused and I was tired. We both ended up crying and napping. Last night she went to bed peacefully and slept the whole night. So I hope this regression was just a bleep in the routine and she will be back to her normal self from now onwards. I love her dearly.

My husband told me last night I was probably over-analyzing the whole issue, but it bothered me immensely that I broke down and cried. I don’t remember doing that … in fact I remember quite clearly the last time I had cried like that, almost two years to the day, and it had been entirely justified then. So, I have picked myself up, and am back to my normal balanced self. It is amazing what sleep deprivation does to you!