Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One World One Heart

Now the main reason I am introducing myself this late is that I have decided to participate in the one world, one heart event:


In brief, it is an open house of blogs, with the main purpose of introducing people to blogs they were not aware of before, and generally expand your blog horizons.
My part in this event will be to give away the following item, something I wanted to do for a while, since even though I have never gave away goodies before, I have participated in similar events and won a nice few fabric bags in the past. So here is my contribution!
I made a blouse for my daughter a few days ago, in expectation of a great Spring ahead. The way I like to sew involves as few measurements are possible, so I often end up making things that are actually too small. This was the case with this blouse; even though I followed a size 4 pattern, I think it will fit a three year old better, and it is a bit too tight on my daughter who will be four in just over one month. So if you have or know a little girl who likes pink blouses, I will happily send this your way. If you would like to win this blouse please leave me a comment with a way for me to reach you, either by leaving your e-mail address on your comment or have it visible on your blog so I can contact you. The draw will take place on February 15th and I will use a random number generator.

I have never introduced myself before because this blog started on its own, without a clear direction. I first got myself a profile so I could have an identity in order to leave decent looking comments on other people's real blogs. I then, took advantage and started writing down some impressions on my daughter's development, as a way of keeping a tab on her growing. Now, of course I am aware that this is a public forum and as such people are able to read it and are in fact very welcome to; no doubt you probably have the same worries, issues and hopes for your children as I have with mine . You just may or may not find it all that interesting to read my ramblings. Besides being a mother, I enjoy crafting, particularly sewing, so that is one aspect that may come through in some of the posts. Six months ago we moved from the North Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast, I left my job (for now at least...) and find myself in a new role; I am not sure how long this role will last... Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday was a rough day for both Amalia and I. We both had had a bad night of sleep, an inexplicable set back in Amalia’s sleep patterns. She had made a fuss going to sleep and woke up several times to call me to her bed and to ask me to stay with her.

Five months ago, after we moved cross-country, Amalia’s routine was thrown and she resented this. I had underestimated the impact the move would have on her. After all I though that when you are three years old, as long as you are with your parents you should be happy enough. But I was wrong. Overnight she went from going to daycare full time to being at home with me. She was bored, she asked for her friends. One month into our stay I excitedly told her we were going to visit the Space Needle, something she had been obsessing about since the move. She loves the Space Needle, even before we had moved she talked about it. Sensing my excitement at the prospect of the trip she got very excited herself and told me maybe Kara would be downtown too! Kara was one of her little friends from daycare, and it broke my heart to hear the hope in her voice of meeting her friend again.

Things improved gradually, we had set backs, she stopped eating her staple favourite foods (salmon and spinach soup), and became pickier and pickier in her food choices (plain noodles, plain rice, cheese). Things improved a lot when she started preschool, she came out of her grief and got a new set of friends, and is now so social it amazes me. This brings me back to the issue at hand, which is sleeping habits. Shortly after we settled we bought her first grown-up bed in her first grown-up bedroom. Until then she had slept mainly with us or near us, in a variety of arrangements to suit us all. She took the responsibility of being now a grown-up girl seriously and the thrill of growing up trumped the fears of sleeping alone. So, for months until recently she had gone to bed very peacefully after reading a couple of books and being tucked in. She would fall asleep by herself, and wake up the next morning happy and well rested.

So this latest set back surprised me. For about one week she had tantrums and would wake up during the night. I know that the Christmas/New Year hoopla did contribute to this, and allowing her to stay up to greet the New Year and see the fireworks was not a good idea long term (very animatedly she told me the fireplaces were lovely). So yesterday was the culmination of two sleep deprived people butting heads and running out of patience; she was short-fused and I was tired. We both ended up crying and napping. Last night she went to bed peacefully and slept the whole night. So I hope this regression was just a bleep in the routine and she will be back to her normal self from now onwards. I love her dearly.

My husband told me last night I was probably over-analyzing the whole issue, but it bothered me immensely that I broke down and cried. I don’t remember doing that … in fact I remember quite clearly the last time I had cried like that, almost two years to the day, and it had been entirely justified then. So, I have picked myself up, and am back to my normal balanced self. It is amazing what sleep deprivation does to you!