Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amalia's quote of the day

Amalia peering into a glass-bottom mug: "This is my microscope; When I was a girl I had a microscope and I saw a pig eating a kangaroo... Pigs like to eat kangaroos."

Apparently she has both a girl and a boy alter-ego, who are very brave and not afraid of anything, even bugs. These alter-egos appeared recently after she suddenly decided she is deathly afraid of all things creepy-crawly. Night awakenings resumed, after months of peaceful sleep. Finally she is settling down again, gradually less panicky about bugs, but it was a rough ride for all living in our home.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enjoying the trees

I have been sparse with my words lately, but here are some pictures we took a few days ago, after the clouds parted late in the afternoon after a day of rain, making the end of the day light beautiful and strange.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A look at the bright side

A few weeks ago Amalia dropped my cell phone onto rocks on the shore of Puget Sound. I could tell before I looked at it, from the sound it made, that it did not escape the fall unscathed. I was right, the screen cracked, but the phone itself functions perfectly, as does the camera. I like the camera on my phone a lot, as it takes very decent pictures, and since it is always in my pocket, it comes in handy when I wish to snap a memento but don't have my bulky camera with me.
Although the camera still works, I cannot see what I want to photograph... but even so, I decided to look for a saving grace, and I have been blindly snapping away. The results are fun, and surprisingly coherent.
A few recent pictures, from the broken, blind phone camera, completely unedited: